Elijah and the Temple

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Book II bursts open with an explanation of the power of God after the assassination attempt on Enoch. Then John Roddenburg interviews both Enoch and Elijah. Elijah threatens the world with consequences regarding Israel. He confronts Israel’s leadership and exercises his rights under ancient laws regarding prophets of God. He compels the Jewish people to believe Yeshua is their Messiah while initiating the rebuilding of The Third Temple.
Dr. Otto Ottenberg, with Aafre Waldger, presents Lucifer’s side of the story from their beginning on Earth to the present day. Many world leaders embrace their goals for world domination. America’s freedom of speech and constitutional rights are at risk as Cain rises to power.
Eden II, built by Jeroboam in 970 BC, becomes a beacon of hope. Enoch’s past is revealed to him, and he transforms into the holy warrior he was in ancient times.
There are four more books in the series.
Book VI arrives in 2023.
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