Enoch, The First Witness

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Enoch is book 1 of 6, which chronicles the Time of Sorrows, The Tribulation. Unlike other series of books similar in nature, this story recreates what today’s world could expect from God’s final two witnesses. It explores Lucifer, and the Fallen 200’s viewpoint, their story, and retribution.
These six books are based on Daniel, Revelation, Matthew, coupled with the Book of Enoch.
The Fallen 200 Angels (who became demons) were bound by Enoch around 3250 BC for 70 generations. Their release would be around 1600 AD. This period of our history is the beginning of humanity exiting from the dark ages. This is the time when the King James Bible was released, Jamestown was founded in America, Galileo appeared, then our solar system theory with Johannes Kepler, the inquisition to stop science, to name a few. The world was changing. This series explores the possibility that these Fallen 200 influenced the enhancements in science, world expansion, technology, and philosophy.
For four hundred years since the 200’s release, Lucifer and his followers had prepared for the day the first Witness would arrive. They were ready to come out from the shadows and take over our world.
Today is that day. God’s first Witness Enoch returns as Jack South, who causes worldwide disasters to announce the beginning of Tribulation. Anchor John Roddenburg of Bear News provides Jack South with the opportunity to share his story with a worldwide audience. John then hosts a panel of religious leaders who challenge Jack’s message from God.
The industrialist Aafre Waldger (Azazel) heads a worldwide organization which controls politicians, leaders, and finances throughout the world. Hearing Jack on Bear News, Aafre realizes the time has come to activate his end-time plans.
Soon, in a worldwide sermon broadcast by John Roddenburg and Bear News, Enoch pulls back the curtain on the evil permeating the world by Lucifer and his followers.
Elijah arrives and warns Israel and the world. He has a mandate to honor God’s agenda. His story ignites in Book II as he demands The Third Temple be built. Book 1 covers the first four days. Book 2 reveals the next five days.
Author’s notes.
This series recognizes one-third of the angels present on Earth rebelled against God as described in the book of Enoch. These writings of Enoch detail these demons and the Nephilim, as also described in Genesis and throughout the Bible. All these writings suggest the sons of God’s (angels, now fallen) created generations of corrupt, wicked people. We also found this idea in some ancient Gnostic writings. We use this concept as the origin of Cain from Eve and the serpent in this series and the battle for Heaven and Earth.

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