Lion of Judah, the Final Trumpet


Book VI is the conclusion of the Witness Partner Series.

This finale delivers breathtaking twists and turns. The Good News continues to spread across the Earth as the harvest is gathered, preparing the way for the return of Messiah. Experience how the remaining Bowls, Seals, and Trumpets are woven into the final two years of tribulation. Read how these events may occur in the near future. Desperate because God’s clock is ticking before the return of the Lion, King Jesus, demons ramp up their deceptive rhetoric, before taking their last stand. Eden II’s covert strike team, led by Meyer, attack the core of Cain’s plans. Then, they launch an all-out tactical rescue mission for millions of Christians. Detailed preparations are made on both sides for the final battle as Jesus and the Sons of God battle Lucifer, Cain, the 200 demons, and those fighting at Armageddon.


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