Content of Enoch

Introduction to Book 1. How did this all begin? Who is Satan and what is his story? Why is this important?

Content Of Elijah and The Temple

Introduction to Book 2. Who is Elijah? Why is he here? What is his agenda?

Content of The Rise of Cain

Introduction to Book 3. Why is Cain the Antichrist? Is he here right now today your world?

Content of Gods Trumpets

Introduction to Book 4. Five Trumpets blown.  A New Leader Crowned. The False Pope is unleashed.

Content of Babylon 

Introduction to Book 5, War.  A new Circus.

Content of Are the end Times Truth or a Myth?

We are running out of time.



Prophecy, David Jerimiah, Rapture,  End of Time, End of the World, Last Two Witnesses